As the festival draws nearer, we have been getting many questions from excited jugglers and members of the public.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: Are the workshops free?
A: The festival is open to all festival pass-holders. If you purchase a day pass, you gain access to ALL workshops for the day. A 1-day festival pass allows the holder to take part in the whole day's programme while a 2-day pass allows the holder to take part in the programmes for 2 days. You can attend as many workshops as you wish to.

Q: I know nothing about juggling. Can I still participate in the festival?
A: This festival is a great chance for you to pick up juggling! There is an Absolute Beginners Corner (ABC) where we provide you with props and facilitators from 9am to 7pm on Saturday and 9am to 6pm on Sunday. With the day pass, you can access the ABC and learn various skills such as the diabolo, poi spinning, ball juggling and plate spinning. You can also attend the workshops and learn from the professionals. While you are not in workshops, there are plenty of opportunities to learn from the other participants in the halls. This is what a juggling festival is all about: meeting other like-minded people and sharing of skills and knowledge!

Q: Are the workshops suitable for beginners?
F: Some workshops, like the Beginner Staff Workshop, are for beginners.The contents of most of the workshops actually depend on the group of participants. The instructors will teach according to the skill levels of the participants. You may also ask the instructor to teach a particular trick that you are interested in. However, let's say if you do not even know how to start the diabolo, you may wish to learn at the Absolute Beginners Corner first before proceeding to attend the workshops. More information about the workshops will be available on-site at the festival itself.

Q: Do I need to bring my own props?
A: Well, we believe that all jugglers are more comfortable with their own equipment. So do bring your own props if you have! On the other hand, you may be eager to pick up a new skill. Do not worry. A number of props will be provided at each workshop to cater to beginners and those who do not have the props. So you can still attend the workshops even if you do not have your own props. However, we can only provide a limited number of props. So be at the workshops early! Or you can always purchase the juggling equipment you need from our vendors at the festival!

Q: What is Open Stage?
A: Open Stage is a performance segment where interested festival participants can showcase their talents and skills. Some guest performers may be performing at Open Stage too!Open Stage is free for all festival pass-holders on Saturday, from 7pm - 8.30pm. Interested performers can get in touch with the organisers to provide more details about yourselves and your acts. Please email us at volunteer@childsplayjugglefest.com.

Q: Can i purchase the Gala Show Tickets on their own without attending the festival?
A: Yes, you can! Gala Show tickets are sold separately from the festival passes. All who wish to catch the Gala Show need to purchase the tickets at $10 each.

Q: Is there complimentary parking?
A: We are sorry, Bishan CC does not have any parking lots. If you drive, you can park at the parking lots available at any of the nearby HDB flats. We recommend that you take the MRT or Bus as we are within walking distance of Bishan MRT Station and Bishan Bus Interchange.

We hope we have cleared most of your doubts! Do contact us if you require further clarification!